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In the UK, the Government spends more than £900m a year on education technology in the classroom. As this technology has continued to revolutionise the classroom, there has been a shift in teaching and learning away from the more traditional format of teachers lecturing students from the front of the classroom to a more collaborative learning environment, where teachers and students work together.

The investment by the Government has had a massive impact in the classroom, enabling a more student-led approach, allowing the teacher to assume a facilitating role rather than an instructing one. Student-led learning develops cognitive skills such as problem solving, teamwork, listening skills and the ability to apply what they have learnt in practice.

This student-led approach is something championed at Broadclyst Community Primary School (BCPS) in Exeter. The school has developed an exceptional reputation for its innovative use of IT and digital media, allowing pupils to take charge of their learning and collaborate on a scale beyond the classroom walls; an approach which is apparent in its Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC).

The GEC is a business initiative run by the school, and open to pupils aged between 9 and 15 across the world. It teaches them highly valuable skills including product design, market research, manufacture and marketing, putting pupil’s learning into a real-life context.

This year children from over 20 schools across the globe worked together in teams to select a product which would be developed and eventually take to the market. Throughout the process, they collaborated with each other using Office 365 software including Yammer, Skype for Business, Teams and more.

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