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Security and accountability are imperative within both Education and Corporate environments, Genee World’s Registrar Visitor Management System provides a simple to use sign-in solution with Photo Capture, Barcode Scanning and Visitor Label Printing. Allowing visitors and staff to easily sign in and out of a premises. 

Genee Registrar significantly reduces data entry and administration tasks typical of receptions with multiple signing in books. Stored data, reporting and fire evacuation procedures are supported by Registrars features with cloud data available for signing in / out and fire evacuation. With recent changes in legislation it can also help you to become compliant with GDPR requirements. Please see the product page for further details.

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The Genee Registrar system allows you to track the comings and goings of students. The Student module is geared around keeping every child safe and secure to give you complete piece of mind over pupil whereabouts.

We integrate with all the leading MIS providers to ensure that your sign in identity information is always up to date. New year groups are automatically added at the start of the year and when new staff and students are added to your MIS, they are instantly added to the Registrar, making time consuming manual updates a thing of the past.

Student details, staff details, DBS information, staff and student photos and late marks and codes can all be read from and written back to your MIS.

Many organisations are realising the challenges faced with a paper-based system for visitor management, especially when it comes to GDPR.

The Genee Registrar Visitor Management System extensively speeds up the signing in process for Staff, Visitors and Contractors. The Genee Registrar helps with improving the site security from a health and safety perspective and also allows you to comply with personal data requirements as part of GDPR.

For all information regarding GDPR with your Registrar click on the button below:

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